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Residence Permits

Persons, who do not hold a citizenship of a member state of the European Union or Switzerland and wish to stay in Austria for longer than three months per half a year, have to obtain a residence permit for Austria.


  1. Residence permit for private purposes
  2. Red-White-Red Card for self-employed persons
  3. Red-White-Red Card for key employees

1. Residence permit for private purposes

Residence permits for private purposes are obtainable by persons, who

  • do not plan to pursue gainful employment in Austria
  • already have sufficient funds in Austria to cover all living costs for themselves (and family) in Austria
  • have comprehensive health insurance coverage in Austria provided by an Austrian insurance company
  • are entitled to accommodation (e.g. rental agreement) in Austria according to the local standards and
  • have a high school diploma, university diploma, or a German language certificate at A1-Level within CEFRL

Residence permits for private purposes are restricted by quota. Only 300 permits of this type are available each year.
Renewal of residence permits for private purposes are not quota restricted.

Due to the small quota this kind of residence permit is very exclusive.

For further information please refer to our Immigration Infosheet.

2. Red-White-Red Card for self-employed key persons

This kind of residence permit is available to applicants who wish to set up a company and pursue business
activities in Austria.

The company’s business has to:

  • trigger a transfer of foreign capital (minimum EUR 100.000) to Austria
  • create new jobs or help to avoid the loss of existing ones
  • provide a positive impact on the region where the company is located or
  • trigger practical knowledge transfer to Austria

3. Red-White-Red Card for key employees

In order to obtain a Red-White-Red Card for key employees an applicant has to

  • enter into an employment contract with an Austrian-based employer
  • receive a sufficient salary from this employment
  • collect a minimum amount of qualification points and
  • the envisaged employment must be adequate to the applicant’s education and previous
    professional experience

Depending on the applicant’s education, professional experience, language skills, and age, he/she can be
qualified either as a ”highly skilled employee” or “other key employee”. 

For further information please refer to our Immigration Infosheet.


Austrian citizenship can be obtained if the following conditions are met:

1. After legal uninterrupted residence of at least 6 years:

  • existing knowledge of German level B2 or proof of substantial personal integration (by at least three years of voluntary work for a charitable organization, at least three years of work in the educational, social, or health sector or at least three years in a position for an interest group)
  • spouses/registered partners of Austrian citizens, living in the common household and in a marriage/registered partnership for at least 5 years
  • citizens of an EEA state
  • persons born in Austria

2. After 10 years of legal and uninterrupted residence in the country (of which at least five years of permanent residence).

3. After legal and uninterrupted residence of at least 15 years and substantial personal and professional integration.

4. After 30 years of uninterrupted primary residence in Austria.
The granting of an Austrian citizenship is, under the mentioned general preconditions, to be extended to minor children and to spouses/registered partners (after 6 years of residence and 5 years of marriage).

5. For minor, unmarried children, if at least one parent possesses an Austrian citizenship (child has to be a resident if the relevant parent lives in Austria)

6. For minor adopted children of Austrian citizens.

7. If as a foreigner residing in Austria, you possessed citizenship for an uninterrupted period of at least ten years and lost it by other means than withdrawal.

8. If the Austrian government certifies that granting citizenship is in the particular interest of the Republic due to the extraordinary achievements already rendered by or yet to be expected from the foreigner.

We have listed only the most important information for our clients,  please contact us for more detailed information and assistance.

Family Services

Apart from the sevices previously mentioned above, we together with our partners from IEV AG and J4 Office Services, offer our existing clients support with the following matters:

  • education - registration at kindergarden, school, or university
  • opening a bank account in Austria and support by the initial and yearly compliance
  • finding appropriate accomodation in Austria
  • assistance with home and family-related issues here in Austria
  • various other private matters including: doctor visits, assistance with dog registration, or opening a bank account

Real Estate Services

 Together with our partners from IEV AG, we help our clients find the best real estate, tailored to their needs and desires.